The Boy Who Went to Heaven

Eric is a boy who went to Heaven and had conversations with JESUS and GOD. He Saw and Walked in HEAVEN alongside the LORD JESUS who showed Eric many things.. Eric has gone into these HEAVENLY EXPERIENCES with JESUS several times..

Eric…The Boy Who Went To Heaven…

God said that we would see many manifestations in and through our Church-IEPDE and that many miracles, signs and wonders would be seen.  He also said that our children and youth were prodigies and that the world would know about it because of His doing and for His Name’s sake and glory.  God has kept and continues to keep His promises to us at corporate level, as families and as individuals, GLORY BE TO GOD!  My Husband and I are the Pastors of IEPDE, the church that I am talking about, and the following true story and testimony is what we personally heard from one of our young members in our church, and from his mother. 

I would like to briefly share the story of Eric, a little boy who was taken to Heaven by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Eric was 6 years old at the time of his encounter with the Lord which happened in early 2012. It was a Sunday morning service at our church, as I sat on a chair on the platform right after worship time, and here came shy Eric and his mother and asked if he could talk with me and my husband, and they both came to me up on the platform and then Eric began to share his encounter he had just had the night before.  He had a stare, a look in his eyes that were so deep and penetrating, later I understood why.  His mother began by telling me that that Sunday morning as the family was getting ready to come to service, her son Eric came to where she was at in the house and asked her to come into his room because he wanted to tell her something.  So she went into his room, he asked her to sit on his bed, and then he grabbed her hand and began to share that Jesus had come the night before and had taken him to heaven where he saw many beautiful things.

Eric took his mother’s hand, she said, and began to caress it with such love, and as Eric began to share what he saw, his mother said she knew in that moment that it was no longer her son speaking to her, it was as if the Lord was speaking to her, she did not doubt at all what her son was sharing, she wept as she heard such wonders that her son was sharing, what he had heard and seen in heaven. Eric began to share with me about his experience, and these are some of the things that he shared…

Eric said that as he was sleeping someone came into his room and woke him up.  He knew it was God who came in, woke him up and then took him up.  He saw everything getting smaller till he saw how God had the world in His hand.  He shared that they got to this very beautiful place that he described as a big castle, which later he said was heaven.  He saw “the gates from the outside”.  He said everything is very beautiful in heaven.  He saw many waters, very clear waters; he saw many, many angels in heaven, different sizes of angels, as he described them.  He couldn’t understand but said that some angels served, and others sang.  He says there is “a lot of worship to God”, lots of worship nonstop and many different praise songs.     

Eric and Jesus walked through heaven, and he says that Jesus was so tall that next to Him that in height he was right under his knees.  He mentioned that Jesus called him by a new name, not by his name Eric.  As they walked through heaven he saw his Grandpa, and an uncle, but he said they were not “old”, he says everyone in heaven is “young”.  This uncle he saw in heaven is an uncle who had passed away approximately 20 years ago, long before he was born, but that Jesus told him it was his uncle.

Then he began to recognize some faces, Jesus showed him many of us who are still alive, He showed him our church members in Heaven, though he didn’t see all of them there, yet the ones he did see were dressed in royalty and with crowns. Jesus also showed us, his Pastors, to Eric in heaven, and when he was sharing his encounter with his mom, he kept saying to her, “these are real Pastors mom”, and she told him that yes she knew it and that is why God had them in our church, but Eric kept insisting, no mom you don’t understand, these are real pastors, they are in heaven.  God has them there with purpose, and the Pastors are His kids too”!  He kept insisting to his mom that “you don’t understand mom, these are real pastors and they are God’s kids too”!  He told his mom how Jesus had taken all the family to heaven on the tip of his finger, and when his mom asked if it was their family, he said “no mom, this church family”, he said that this church would be “a big church” and that a lot of people, which he still didn’t know, would come to this church.  Eric shared that “God is pleased with our church and a lot more people will come that he has not seen before”. 

How awesome is our Savior and Lord, that he would show this child so many wonders and His world to him, and how he can comprehend and express it as only a child can!  Scripture in Matthew 18 is so awesome of an example that Jesus gave us saying that unless we change and become like a little child, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God!  So it is, in order to receive, see, and enter His Kingdom, His World, we must come to Him as a child.  As a child believes and receives, in all the purity of heart and mind, without doubt, without question. Just like we are told in Matthew 5:8 that, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.  So has Eric seen God and God’s world, HEAVEN”! niv

Jesus showed him Heaven in “sections”, “a big library full of books so big they looked like lots of Bibles”, although he did not know what those books were, we can only imagine that they could be the book of everyone’s life… only God knows. 

Eric also describes the Kingdom of Heaven a big palace, with rivers of crystal clear waters, streets of gold, clear walkways.  He saw many horses, big horses that he has never seen before, he says some were flying, so big and beautiful, and some guarded. These horses had “diamonds glowing, sparkling, beautiful, and never seen here mom”.  He says that he saw these horses first “and then a great army of giant different men ready to fight”; he said that there were so many of them that he could not see the end of them.     One of the “sections” that Jesus showed Eric was an area he described as “the bad one”, it was far from Heaven yet he could see it from a distance, he says Jesus did not take him there but he knew it was “the bad section where all the mean people go”, and that “not everyone will go with God”.

Eric shared that “all God wants is our heart”, but that “the hearts are far away from Him”.  Eric said, “My heart hurts because God’s heart hurts because the hearts are far away, and not all will go with God”.  What an expression of God’s love, heart and hurt for humanity!

Though Eric experienced much more, one of the last things Jesus old him is that “HE IS COMING SOON FOR A COMPLETE CHURCH, A CLEAN CHURCH”!  I encourage you reader, to meditate this that you have read, that you believe and receive it like a child, that you give your heart to God by accepting JESUS Christ as your Lord and Savior and as God’s expression of His love to save you through THE ONLY WAY available before God, Jesus and His Sacrifice on the cross, the one who took all your sins and washed them with His Blood, and made a way to reconcile you with God.  I encourage you to get ready, be ready, and stay ready, watchful at all times, FOR JESUS IS COMING SOON FOR HIS GLORIOUS, CLEAN WITHOUT SPOT OR BLEMISH BRIDE!  Rev.22:7, “Behold, I AM coming soon..”! Pastora Lupita  PL-FAITH




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